Kanye storms the stage again


Many of us tuned in to watch the Grammy performances and to see which artist took won which award. Some of the winners of the night were Sam Smith, Beyonce, and even Beck. Beck took home a Grammy for Album of the year for his album Morning Phase . While accepting his award and preparing to make his thank you speech something unexpected happened.

Beck was possibly shocked along with the rest of the crowd as Kanye walked on stage right when he was accepting his Grammy. Viewers and members of the audience possibly thought that Kanye was going to protest Beck’s win over Beyonce’s album. But instead of recreating his protest speech that was witnessed on MTV Music Awards in 2009 regarding Taylor Swift, Kanye went back to his seat to fans like Susan Mcgalla’s relief.

Beck was a good sport about the situation. He didn’t get mad about Kanye quick steal of the spotlight. To show that there was no hard feelings the singer invited Kanye back on stage to join him.

In a later interview, it was revealed that Kanye was indeed upset regarding Beck’s win over Beyonce. He was prepared to make a speech the same way he did at the 2009 MTV Music Awards but he felt that it would be inappropriate due to his wife and daughter being at the Grammy’s with him.

One thought on “Kanye storms the stage again

  1. Well, i think most of this top celebrities still live in resentment of others as occurrences like this keep repeating itself in social gatherings, the fans seem to love it though. Definitely awards of this nature as superior paper states, is bound to create a boil among a lot of people because as human beings we are never satisfied with some decisions made most especially when our choice or the preferred candidate is neglected and Kanye did well by holding his calm at the end which is good.

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