Keith Mann: Expert at Hiring and Recruitment in the Financial Services Industry

Keith Mann is an executive and business professional with experience in hiring and staffing. He started his career in the field at Dynamics Executive Search where his hard work led to his appointment as Managing Director. Keith was responsible for the recruiting candidates for financial service firms that operated globally. He then started an alternative investment division in the company which was focused on serving the hedge fund industry. Mann noted that the sector would grow rapidly in the future and that few search companies had noticed this. He later expanded the company’s operations by adding private equity firms to their list of clients in 2006.

Mann started Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 and is currently its Chief Executive Officer. The company is a search firm that is involved in the alternative investments sector. Their years of experience have enabled them to work with some of the top hedge funds and equity companies in the nation. The firm aids it clients in sourcing investment and marketing professionals that will fit well into the company’s culture. DSP has developed new platforms for its customers according to their needs. They serve customers in other regions including Asia and Europe.

Mann was recently featured in an interview that appeared on Idea mensch. He said that one of the biggest contributors to the success of DSP was integrating technology into all that they do. The firm provides a portal where candidates and clients can communicate. It has streamlined many processes for them. He advised entrepreneurs to ask for assistance and to use data to make an informed decision. He stated that the worst job he has ever had was when he was working in the foreign exchange division at a certain bank as a trading assistant.

Keith recommended a book written by Daniel Kahneman known as “Thinking Fast and Slow” to employees who want to excel at their jobs. DSP is located in New York and Keith Mann credits that his upbringing in the area prompted him to work with financial firms. Mann also pointed out that diversity was one of the key attributes that clients they worked with were seeking.

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