Kevin Seawright at Newark CEDC

Kevin Seawright is a lucky man who is privileged to have a career life in both the public and private sectors. He started working in a public job in Baltimore, Maryland, where he moved to various positions and receiving several awards. After working for more than ten years in the public sector, Seawright decided it’s the right time to move to the private sector and offer his financial management expertise in this ever growing sector. Over a year ago, Kevin was appointed to join Newark CEDC as its new Executive Vice President and also Chief Financial Officer.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a financial institution that focuses on development of the city of Newark by providing affordable financial solutions to businesspersons and entrepreneurs in the area. Kevin felt it’s a great honor to be part of an organization that works closely with people, supporting them financially in order to bring positive change. Newark CEDC has partnered with local authorities in Newark, where the city has developed an economic system that provides capital for development of small entities, providing Wi-Fi access and also a program that hired 3,000 students of Newark to empower them economically.

For many years in his private and career life, WorldClass Magazines shows that Kevin Seawright has devoted himself in supporting urban towns to develop in order to change the lives of residents. Kevin gives credit to his parents who introduced him to financial industry when he was still a young boy. In fact, at 12 years, Kevin worked in youth initiatives in the city of Philadelphia, helping people to change and improve their lives. He explains that due to his diligence and dedication, he was able to bring positive impact to the lives of both children and grown-ups in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and now he is doing it Newark.

The contribution Kevin Seawright has made to the society is as a result of good upbringing by his parents. Seawright believes that formal collage training is very important especially to young people who just completed high school. Kevin said that he benefited from formal college programs as well as e-learning programs. According to him, online education program has gained popularity recently where about 32 percent of all students at higher education level were taking some form of online course in 2013.

For the many years he has been working, Kevin has been associating with institutions that have capacity to empower and strengthen communities. He believes that those who contribute to the community in a meaningful manner are successful. At Newark CEDC, their aim is to help entrepreneurs who want to grow realize their dreams. The firm provides loan facilities to small and mid-sized enterprises, especially those who are turned away by commercial banks because of lack of qualification.  Follow Kevin through his Twitter for more current updates.

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