Kevin Seawright’s Love for the Baltimore, Maryland Community

Homeownership is a goal that all Americans strive for. The problem is that the cost of a home in most areas is well out of the financial range of the average citizen. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

This fact sadly leads to many giving up on their dream of owning a home and settle for less. Luckily, RPS Solutions LLC and National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) have decided to do something about this issue. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

The two organizations have decided to collaborate in an effort to stabilize and revitalize Baltimore’s low- to moderate-income communities. This new joint initiative is right up RPS Solutions’ alley being a firm that specializes in the development of affordable housing.

According to Crunchbase, RPS Solutions’ managing partner, Kevin Seawright, is excited about the prospect of working alongside NCST.

Seawright has big hopes for the collaborative project. The overall goal is to legitimately boost the Baltimore community’s local economy. If this goal is met it will mean more affordable housing and homeownership.

The NCST model is non-profit therefore, all funding goes towards the betterment of the Baltimore area. Although this partnership affects the Baltimore area exclusively, NCST works to rehabilitate vacant and abandoned properties across the nation.

NCST has conveyed more than 23,000 properties to non-profit home buyers in under a ten year span.

A project like this reminds Kevin Seawright of why he founded RPS Solutions in the first place. Rps was founded for the purpose of tackling the affordable housing market and strengthen the community of Baltimore.

His goal with his company has always been to to help individuals achieve homeownership.

About Kevin Seawright

He is a project management professional who’s worked in a variety of field over the course of his career.

Although Kevin is now located in Newark, New Jersey, he made his name in Baltimore, Maryland. He was heavily involved in the community there, taking part in several philanthropic efforts that positively affected the local economy.



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