Kim Kardashian Flashes Nipple

This week, Kim Kardashian was not too shy about letting her maternity style get a little wild. Lately she has been the mom to watch, her pregnancy style this time around is beyond trendy. Not only has Kim continued to wear her sexy high heel well into her 5th month of pregnancy, but the tight dresses, cleavage baring tops and red carpet glamour haven’t skipped a beat says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Now that Kim is making herself the new hip mama of Hollywood. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kim is making a comeback from the fashion fails of her first pregnancy.

Gone are the days when Kim was criticized for her unsightly swollen feet in strappy heels, and water weight. Goodbye to the embarrassing fashion blog disses, and social media memes.
Kim is taking back her crown and letting it be known that her second pregnancy is going to be her most memorable.

While on her way to the Glastonbury Festival, Kim was caught by the paps in a super see through tight black top. Not only was her top completely see through but flashes from the cameras make her nipples appear plain as day. Kim didn’t seem to notice as the photos were being taking, and if she did she didn’t care because she didn’t even attempt to close the sheer jacket she wore to cover herself. As for now the photos are making their way around the internet as usual and Kim is getting all the attention should could ever want. Pregnant women are usually more insecure about their bodies, but Kim wants to let it all hang out.

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