Kyle Bass’ Floundering Career and Money Making Schemes

Investors once looked to Kyle Bass a source of sound advice. Investors were in awe at his appearance of financial wisdom, because Kyle Bass is one of a tiny portion of individuals that knew the recession was coming down the pike beforehand. Now, investors are still in awe about Kyle Bass. Instead of being awestruck at his wisdom, they are awestruck by his foolishness. Furthermore, people are horrified at the incredibly unethical things he has been engaged in. Kyle Bass has been making less and less money from legitimate, ethical sources. Sadly, Kyle Bass’ earnings are soaring from a very different type of source. His new career as a patent troll to the manufacturers of medicines has been incredibly profitable for him, but it is costing many lives. It has become a menace to the public health.

First, Kyle Bass’ television appearances were looked upon very positively. Due to this, the media was happy to have him on air. These appearances were very well paid ones for Kyle Bass. He was in the public spotlight in a positive way. Now, his appearances are looked upon very differently. Economic predictions of his haven’t been correct, since his well known 08′ forecast. As a result of the wildly incorrect nature of his forecasts, the media is very conservative in the amount of money he is paid. However, possibly in attempt to make up for his lower pay rates, Kyle Bass increased the number of media appearances lately. Despite this possible method of compensation, he makes less money in total from the media than before.

Kyle Bass certainly has a lot of strange political interests as evidenced by his blog. His interests actually appear to be quite strong with international politics. However, this isn’t any sort of humanitarian effort out of concern for citizens of another country. Instead, it is involvement with some of the most hated politicians of Argentina. No matter how much she messes up and makes life difficult for Argentine citizens, Kyle Bass keeps on praising Cristina Kirchner.

The worst thing that Kyle Bass is up to is his patent troll career. As a patent troll, Kyle Bass built a patenting organization on the founding principle of personal profits. Believe it or not, Kyle Bass no longer even tries to deny it! Major drug companies will come to his organization looking to patent their lifesaving treatments. He simply coldly denies them the patent, at a shocking frequency. Then, they can’t make money off the medicine, because it cannot be sold. Of course, many citizens are eagerly awaiting the new drug hitting the market, because it can treat or cure their potentially life threatening illness. People needlessly die, due to his devious plot. When companies go into the slump he creates, that’s when he invests. During their rebound, Kyle Bass profits from the sale of the stocks.¬† Read more on Wikipedia.

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