Kylie Jenner’s Drama With Bruce Coming Out

Kylie has been dealing so much for a 17 year old girl. Not only is she dealing with the usual teenage drama and insecurities but she has forced to live her life in the public eye. While it may not seem like a big deal to be a rich and famous teenage girl, that does whatever she wants, you have to feel some sympathy for Kylie. Her relationship with Tyga was the topic on every gossip blog and as to be expected her Instagram beef with Blac Chyna has taken the world by storm.

Just when it seemed Kylie couldn’t get any more attention, she finally comes clean and admits to using lip fillers to achieve her pouty lips. At the moment Kylie is everywhere and some days it seems like she is even more popular than her big sister Kim. One thing that has been able to break Kylie, is her father Bruce’s decision to come out publicly with his decision to live like as a woman.

Bruce’s recent decision to go public with his journey has put the Kardashian and Jenner family in the spotlight and Kylie is having a very hard time dealing with her father’s transition confirms close friend Kevin Seawright. Not only was filming very private discussions with her father too much for Kylie but she says she was caught completely off guard with the news that her father plans to be a woman full-time in the very near future. Kylie hasn’t left the show just yet but she is making plans to do her own thing, and be done with all the Kardashian family drama.

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