La Kabbalah Centre Offers a Better way of Life

For those who seek to find a feeling of deeper connection to their fellow man and the universe that cradles reality, there is Kabbalah. It is centuries old and already known worldwide by several different generations of cultures and societies. The focus of this belief is a spiritual climb that reaches apex where every action, object and thought has a deeper meaning. Within the Kabbalah collective, there are different levels of discipline and styles of practice. But, that is not a problem or a discrepancy, because the religion itself has duality and echo to it.

That is to say on one level there is a call for the detachment to worldly actions, objects and thoughts. But, there is also an acknowledgement that these things exist without actively condemning them. This way of way walks a very fine line. Like many religions, there is an overall theme of having patience, compassion and control over your life to really get the best of it. There is one method of reaching enlightenment through letting go of it all, but Kabbalah says that there is another way passing through it all to reach a calm. And, it works.

To find out more a about Kabbalah, there is an establishment that you should make yourself familiar with. It is the LA Kabbalah Centre, founded by Philip Berg, and serves as an institution of learning as well a beacon of spirituality across the globe. Besides teaching the religion of its name sake, Zohar is also taught in the La Kabbalah Centre’s regional centers.

As the name suggests, it is located in Los Angeles, California. But, its influence spans globally through online courses and communities. Although Philip Berg is the LA Kabbalah Centre founder, he does not do it all on his own, nor is he the only person to credit with getting things started. His wife, Karen, and the uncanny staff of the la Kabbalah Centre are just a dedicated as their founder in their effort to bring something good to the world.

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