Lady Gaga Shocks Everyone

The self-professed mother of monsters wowed audiences on Sunday with her tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Sound of Music during the Oscars said many online sources. Impressed critics are stating her performance was a career changing event that could allow her to branch out into other forms of entertainment noted Gianfrancesco Genoso. Shortly after these positive reviews hit the Internet, Lady Gaga announced she will be moving forward with the first starring role of her acting career by joining the cast of FX’s American Horror Story in its fifth season near the end of this year called American Horror Story: Hotel.

Writers and producers for AHS are well-known for picking casts made of a mix of new and old acting faces. Gaga isn’t entirely new to the acting scene. She studied acting before she became a singer. Director Robert Rodriguez claims her two performances in his projects showed a level of discipline that could lead to a full time acting career.

Many people remember when Lady Gaga spent her time shocking the world with costumes made out of meat and music videos depicting bondage. The blonde bombshell in a stunning white long evening dress at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony surprised audience members and viewers alike. Gaga has notably taken a more professional trend with her appearance as of late and many wonder if this has all been part of a plan to transition fully to an acting career.

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