Laundry Works Going Green in Austin, Texas

There is a wave of change sweeping through the marketplace as businesses all over Austin, Texas begin remodeling themselves and start going Green.

Laundromats are the newest business to give the Green strategy a try and the effort has met with considerable success.

The phrase going Green suggests and increased focus on enviromentalism but this does not have to be deterimental to profits. In fact for many businesses the best way to go Green is simply to locate and correct energy waste in their daily operations. The machines at laundromats throughout Austin typically use a significant amount of water, electricity and gas to power through a cycle of laundry. This in turn requires the laundromat to incur high electric, water and gas bills from the city of Austin. In reducing the amount of water, gas and electricity the washers and dryers use in the laundromat, owners of these businesses would benefits from a significant reduction in their water, electric and gas bills each month.

Austin and its local businesses are proud of the city wide Green initiatives and one of the Laundromat companies that is truly ahead of the curve is Laundry Works. This revolutionary Austin based laundromat was started in 2013. ┬áSince then, Laundry Works quickly rose to the top of the charts in the area, servicing the University of Texas, Austin’s West Campus region. They were one of the first companies to take a risk and invest in new, energy efficient washing machines. While there is an upfront cost involved the purchase of new equipment, the hope was that the money saved in lower electricity bills will quickly make up for the price of a one time purchase. These new machines also cut down on water waste by automatically weighing each individual load and calculating exactly how much water is really necessary. Their machines are also specifically designed to be user friendly, easy to operate, and run with a low noise level.

Laundry Works also offers pickup and drop-off laundry service in Austin.  This is especially convenient for the college students living in the area. Additionally, by having one car pickup and drop-off all the laundry (instead of multiple customers driving in themselves) this significantly cuts back on traffic and pollution in Austin.

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