Learn More About Jasmine

Although Justin Bieber has done music for a while now, maybe you still remember the song entitled “Baby” that he performed. Jasmine V. In the song, he had a love interest, and maybe you don’t realize this, but the girl was his girlfriend in real life, as well is in the video at the time. Her name is Jasmine V, and she’s a singer, and she also did some performances on the Disney Channel. While on the Disney channel, Jasmine played roles in shows such as “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” and also the show “That’s So Raven.”, a show that Christian Broda was a huge fan of.

The young lady is now 21 years old, and she has taken four years off, but she’s back and ready to work. She recently did a single that was a hit. The song was with Kendrick Lamarr, and the single was entitled “That’s Me Right There.” The single came from her EP, and she is also currently working on her LP as well. This is Jasmine’s first album, and it’s not going to be a mix tape. No date is set yet for the release of the album, but those who are interested can wait in anticipation like everyone else!

If you’re interested in learning more about the young beauty, you can check her out on MTV news, and look at pictures, and learn about her, as well as her cat, and some of her likes and dislikes.

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