Lex Luthor Heading to Comic-Con

The days of printing off a few posters and putting a simple teaser trailer on television or in front of a few movies to serve as an effective marketing campaign for a movie are pretty much in the past. These days, multimedia approaches and years of saturating the appetite of fans are necessary to move the big budget blockbuster films into the box office. Promoting a movie is no longer a simple task, and giving fans a taste of things to come seems to help films generate buzz moving toward the release date.

With “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” expected to be one of the biggest films of 2016, at least one of the stars of the film will making an appearance at the massive marketing blitz knows as San Diego Comic-Con. According to Screen Rant, Jesse Eisenberg, who will be bringing Lex Luthor to life, will be ready to whip fans into overdrive during the panel for the hotly anticipated movie.

Movies getting stars to make special appearances at events like Comic-Con is not a new concept. The stars and the characters are what audience members like Jaime Garcia Dias seem to be craving all the time, and Eisenberg already has a strong following. With the next installment of the DC Comic movies set to be a huge picture launching several new characters, any help in the marketing and buzz generating area can only be a positive. Plus, this could be a career defining picture for the veteran actor.

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