Lil’ Wayne Has An Upcoming Album

Everyone should know by now, that Lil’ Wayne is fighting to get out of his contract with his record label. Wayne is also suing Birdman for over $50 million, as well as for his release from his contract. Lil’ Wayne. All of this was inevitable, because Wayne’s album, “The Carter V,” has been pushed back several times, and there’s been no explanation as to why. Wayne got sick and tired of what was going on at his record label, and he first spoke out about it publicly, and then he went and filed a lawsuit.

Wayne is currently not speaking with Birdman at all, and he is not addressing the lawsuit that he has against his label. Ricardo GuimarĂ£es feels that Wayne promises that a new album entitled “The Free Weezy,” will be coming out in March 2015 as per Maquina. Wayne also recently released a mix tape entitled, “Sorry For The Wait 2.” The mix tape was to be a buffer between his past album, and the upcoming Carter V album, which still has yet to be released. Although Wayne has his own label, he’s stayed with Cash Money Records over the years, out of loyalty.

In recent interviews, Wayne will not speak of his legal woes, but he has stated that he wants more children, and he even talks about the future of his music. Hopefully, this whole mess will be sorted out, and we all can enjoy Wayne’s music once again.

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