LimeCrime: Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry

When Doe Deere first founded LimeCrime she did so solely because she was unable to find the various brightly colored shades that was looking for. When she did find those bright shades, she found that they were often tested on animals and were not vegan friendly. So, she took the most direct route and founded her own beauty company, LimeCrime. She had no idea that women everywhere were looking for the exact same thing and the company soon had a cult-like following of women who loved that they could finally find the shades they were looking for in the colors that they loved.

The company soon had a cult-like following of women who waited anxiously for the next LimeCrime product to be rolled out. The company soon expanded into the realm of eyeshadows, highlighters and even hair dye. The Unicorn Hair Dye has become exceedingly popular thanks to the hype that Doe Deere has created by being a unicorn herself and sporting shades that vary from bright blue, to orange, to hot pink. Doe Deere was given the nickname “Queen of the Unicorns,” due to the fact that she encourages women to mirror unicorns and to never be afraid to stand out in a crowd of ordinary and be their dazzling, unique selves.

LimeCrime recently released a new eyeshadow palette called the Venus Eyeshadow Palette. It earned its name due to the fact that the shades are designed to look like the shades that the goddess Venus would wear. The shades vary from bronze to berry shades to rose shades and many feature a shimmer. The palette also contains four different shades and one finishing powder that can be used on the eyes or cheeks.

Lime Crime prides itself on the fact that every product is fully safe for vegans to use. It is certified by the Leaping Bunny Association as well as PETA. Doe Deere takes great pride in those certifications, as it has always been her dream to put out beauty products that were vegan friendly and were made with natural ingredients. Lime Crime offers makeup products that vary from its signature lipsticks and lip glosses, to bronzers and highlighters, to the line of semi-permanent hair dyes and more. The company was the first in the industry to dedicate a very large portion of the main page of its website to showcase real users’ submitted images of themselves rocking the actual makeup products.

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