Location Data is How LocationSmart Empowers Businesses

No business can operate fully without constant interaction with mobile devices and internet communication. That’s why business developers working to satisfy customer needs through better operations and more intuitive applications, rely on technological solutions to verify locations and secure their assets. Of the many companies providing location as a service, LocationSmart remains one of the most secure options working with cloud storage, sprawling networks, and mobile devices to get real-time data from across the globe so businesses can perform at their best ability.


As the largest company of its kind, LocationSmart does location intelligence like no other. For businesses, this is used to monitor mobile engagement services from customer devices as well as company hardware used by employees and partners. Their cross-carrier location services provides broad reach for businesses in need of data that’s both practical and effective.


According to a report from telecom Cisco, 2021 will see the average person use more than four devices to access the internet each and every day. That’s quite a few IP addresses assigned to mobile devices, and businesses will increasingly rely on the mobile data made available with they access a network. Through geolocation, businesses can retain relevant data for optimization purposes, impacting their revenue and efficiency.


One way IP location and intelligence is being used by businesses is to fortify security. Tracking IP addresses when login credentials are submitted is rather standard practice. But LocationSmart provides insights that can expose instances of fraud that might otherwise go by unnoticed. They can reveal the true geolocation that matches an IP address, expose the use of proxy servers, virtual private networks, and IP masking software. That’s data that can be put in place to erect the proper protocols to make sure that only the right users are able to access a given network, and prevent fraudsters from logging in again.


Part of network security is managing traffic to a network or site. With LocaitonSmart’s geolocation service, businesses can better supervise network traffic without requiring extra disclosures that may turn away users with privacy issues. This is also how they can detect suspicious or seemingly coordinated activity that may pose a threat.


Not only do businesses have to deal with unauthorized access. Some businesses have their model centered around digital content, and because of that their copyright may be vulnerable. Geolocation can be a form of protection, providing businesses the data necessary to restrict users by activity or location if they feel digital content is being pirated or licensing isn’t being properly honored.


Beyond security is the need to run a good business. Many clients rely on LocationSmart’s IP geolocation to help personalize their approach to advertising and online engagement. Knowing where certain customers are and engaging with that information on hand gives business a personal touch that makes a positive impression. And this appeal to the personal can help in localization efforts that goes beyond simply translating text by user preference.


Location data bridges the gaps in business information necessary to remain competitive in their industry and useful to their customers. Their data services come into play with asset and load tracking, regulatory compliance, verifying transactions, manage their workforce, and meet the obligations a business needs to in the modern age.


Mobile devices are both the present and future of business, both in the number of devices in use and the wealth of data they provide. With companies like LocationSmart, that information becomes usable in numerous applications, providing business with the tools to remain effective internally and secure for their users no matter where they may be.


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