Location Smart Connects Businesses Worldwide

Staying connected to multiple devices around the world is essential for numerous businesses. The connection enables businesses to cater to the consumers they are marketing their products too. Location Smart assists businesses by providing immediate location data for devices such as smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and M2M. The Location Smart platform also supplies APIs to enterprises and operates an extremely guarded privacy defended process for their users. Location Smart has created a cloud-based solution that improves communication, tracks, monitors, and collects location data for the devices. Staying connected is crucial, and it is the business’s number one priority.


The amount of connected devices continues to increase on a daily basis. It expands to many different regions across the globe with workers and consumers from numerous countries. In 2018 it was calculated that there were over 17 billion devices connected worldwide, and 7 billion of those devices were the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The devices that are connected stem from all over the place, whether it is in a car, people’s homes, at work, entertainment systems, etc. IoT devices also include airplanes, ships, and machinery.


Location Smart permits businesses to create a custom build location-awareness through cloud-based Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) to help ensure customer needs. With this technology, companies are able to find devices joined to more than 1.8 billion Wi-Fi spots and gain network intelligence from 3 billion IP addresses nationwide. Establishments need this innovation because they can send targeted messages and advertising to customers. This also increases customer experience because corporations can present personalized information using language and currency. Location Smart allows companies the opportunity for enhanced geotargeting, which also empowers businesses to provide the most desirable customer support based on where they are located.


Location Smart also permits companies to customize their security options. Businesses must track suspicious and potentially malicious movements to ensure customer and company safety. Corporations are also able to deflect online fraud more efficiently with the use of IP and device profiling intelligence. Location Smart helps guide companies in copyright protection, and they allow businesses to have more power over distribution agreements and regulation compliance. As the world, largest provider companies can rely on the services Location Smart offers. They enable services to more than ninety percent of mobile subscribers across the world. Numerous Companies gain entrance beyond major wireless platforms through network location services. This necessary service helps several businesses and their customers.


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