Locationsmart innovating the future of IP Geo-location

IP geolocation can be a crucial variable in ones ability to effectively run a business. Locationsmart has been paving the road towards the future of this industry by providing consumers with a reliable platform that businesses can use to maximize the benefits of IP geolocation a variety of ways.

Geolocation is the means of determining where a specific IP address is located in the world. However, the potential for such technology exceeds standard network usage. Under proper circumstances, it can be a significant resource for improving the productibility of a business along with its profit.

The platform of geolocation provided by Locationsmart has an outstanding history of assisting businesses with complying to legal regulations. Certain areas can have specific laws that apply to the businesses operating within them and Locationsmart does an excellent job at providing businesses with the information needed to conform to such laws.

Accurate IP intelligence can also play an important role in preventing events of online fraud. They do this by providing several forms of protocol necessary to ensure users meet the appropriate authentification. Such a service can go a long way in developing trust and confidence between a business and its customers.

IP geolocation provides businesses with real-time data on where customers are physically located. This information can be a reliable tool in determining who is accessing a businesses network and how that business can assist that customer on an individual level. This technology can also be a tremendous factor in protecting a business from cyberattacks against its assets and secure networks. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

This protection is also applicable to the copyrights and digital data of a business as well. Through IP geolocation, companies can determine when and where valuable digital content is accessed. This data can be useful in identifying if their content is being provided to someone without proper authorization.

Identification of unauthorized access through IP geolocation enables a business to take action immediately. In today’s age of hackers and internet-based crime, Locationsmart can be the wall that keeps a business secure from those who wish to disrupt it.

Founded in 1995, location smart has grown to be the world biggest location as a service (or LAAS) company. Although the company was originally known as TechnoCom Location Platform, it was rebranded as Locationsmart in 2012 and has stuck to that identity ever since. The companies headquarters are stationed in Los Angeles.

However, its services are provided to a wide range of companies across the nation and have even expanded to businesses based in Canada. Locationsmart is currently a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The company has only grown since its debut and shows no signs of slowing down.

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