Luke Lazarus Prepares Startup Businesses for Successful Careers

 New Opportunities Abound

With new opportunities abounding daily in the business world, there is no surprise that new startups were numbered close to 350,000 last year in Australia alone.

An estimated 100 million new startups are beginning every year worldwide. Silicon Valley is ranked the #1 place of startups in the world.

It is still true to say that there are startups that only last about five years before they close their doors and leave the business altogether.

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Is the reason startups go the company all together because they are unprepared, the competition is too high, or they didn’t have the support they needed to get past one or two issues they couldn’t work out on their own?

Working with the Best Consultants

Luke Lazarus is one of those people who have been able to successfully help startups turn things around for themselves and move forward to a new position in their business careers.

IT shouldn’t be a surprise to some of the most talented startup teams that the caliber of experience and knowledge that Luke Lazarus has accumulated over his 20+ years as a business leader can have such a positive impact upon struggling startups.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia began in 2011 and since then has gone on to help startups all over Australia regain their momentum in the business world by spending valuable time in consulting exercises.

Luke Lazarus may spend time in various activities like market analysis, business plan development, research, and mission statement development, as well as perfecting the story pitch that will ultimately be given to venture capitalist or used to reach potential consumers.

Perfecting the Business Story Pitch

Luke Lazarus believes that having an essential business story developed could mean the difference between obtaining funding or not having a business. Businesses today need outside capital to start a company.

There are very few businesses that can fund their business startup.Furthermore, even if a startup could find itself for a short time, it is tough to scale a business fast and securely without huge amounts of capital investment, which usually comes from Venture Capitalist, who invest from $10-100 million in business to get it off the ground.

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Smaller angel investors are individual investors that also fund startups but with less capital to invest. A startup falls into the hands of a corporate venture capitalist, and Luke Lazarus does everything in his power to help startups under his watch to perfect their story pitches.

Future of Startups in Australia

The number of startups that are beginning is Australia is growing at an alarming rate, and business schools where startups are prepared are being filled. NUEHP, which are non-university higher education providers, are providing more business education courses than any other field.

Education is the beginning of the success cycle. Once students enter into the professional world of business, they also need the support required from skilled and experienced business leaders.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy is filling that need for many startups throughout Australia and showing positive results by delivering hundreds of success stories given by those who have worked under his Consultancy.

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