Luke Lazarus: The Successful Consultant Whose Been There and Done it All

Business consultant, Luke Lazarus, rescues fresh entrepreneurs who are faced with challenges of the business world that they don’t know how to successfully get past. Luke’s astuteness and far sightedness enables him to make sure his clients make the best of a bad bargain.

How does he manage creating solutions for problems that seem unsolvable? Well, he prioritizes the important aspects of businesses and gets off to making a business plan for his clients, which includes a story. However, the rule is that the story and the business product shall be one and the same. This, according to Luke, can be the formula for success if the company is able to pull it off.

Before companies are launched, Luke analyses power points, which are identifying customers, markets and the influence both entities wield. In addition, he employs his research patterns which include collecting primary and secondary data.

This is meant to help clients break down what lays ahead of them and thoroughly understand the competition surrounding them. This also helps determine buyers’ personas. In addition, he uses market research insights, financial projections, operational Improvement etc to set targets, budgets and diagnose any issues inhibiting business development.

Why are Consultants Useful?

The sad reality regarding most startup businesses (around 90%) is that they end up seeing the end of their launch shortly, which ranges from 1 to 5 years. What pushes these businesses into extinction is the fact that they are little opportunities for businesses to expand on their own, especially in the face of market forces which control the marketplace with an in depth understanding of how to sustain businesses.

These big shot businesses also have the advantage of years worth of experience and popularity. But ultimately the driving force behind their businesses is skill and observation. When these serial entrepreneurs give advice, it is like a sage’s words that guide you to success.

Luke Lazarus : The Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Lazarus is an example of a serial entrepreneur who got tired of winning all the time and devoted his time to an interesting venture of guiding and helping others gain success in their business pursuits. Being an entrepreneur all his life, Luke amassed a wealth of $20 million and figured he didn’t have to earn another dime for the life of his. This meant retiring from his businesses and selling them for millions each.

For Luke, having enough wealth meant that he no longer had a motivational force acting on him to startup another business and lead it to success. At a young age of 35, he felt he could channel his energy into something of interest and passion and that was to help others climb the ladder of success through his expert advice and guidance. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

Luke has helped struggling entrepreneurs become multi millionaires. He has stayed true to his principle and that is to show people with talent how to develop the skills necessary to bring out their talent. Luke’s deal making magic lies in his advice: entrepreneurs must be able to interest venture capitalists within the first 30 seconds or else they lose the deal.

Luke Lazarus is a successful figure who launched 4 companies in the span of 10 years and became financially independent by the age of 35. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he received his primary education and also participated in many sports.

Later, he chose to earn his MBA from Melbourne Business School, despite receiving offers from top universities worldwide. At present, Luke is devoted to helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges and become serial entrepreneurs like himself. He believes in the quote: “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking”.

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