Lykee Li Covers Drakes

In the beginning of Drake’s career few people in the hip hop world knew anything about Lykee Li. Most people that are solely into hip hop still don’t know her, but Drake was apparently a fan of hers because he covered her song ‘Little Bit’ in his own way. He basically remixed the track with his own delivery to change the vibe.

Lykee Li went into a random performance of ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ during a recent live performance. This was obviously a strange departure from her ‘I Never Learn’ album that is feeled with gloom. It is such a stretch for someone like Lykee Li to sing this.

What people that witnessed the performance noticed is that Lykee Li somehow managed to make one of the most upbeat songs of 2013 sound like a sad song. Drake fans such as Keith Mann have not necessarily embraced this, but it does show that Lykee has been keeping an eye on Drake.

The London performance of this song at the Hammersmith Apollo was a different vibe for Lykee Li because Drake borders on R&B territory. The Lykee Li song that Drake covered, however, is closer to a pop sound and this still fit into Drake’s early mix tape vibe.

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