Mahatma Ghandi Day In Chicago

Smita Shah was in full attendance at the annual legacy of Mahatma Ghandi luncheon in Chicago as they marked the fifth anniversary of the event honoring the man who has encouraged civil rights and peace throughout the world. As the chair of the sister cities of Chicago Delhi committee, she was joined by the world business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp, the first lady Amy Eshelman, Dick Durbin, the senator from Illinois and Lori Lightfoot, the current mayor of Chicago. They gathered in Chicago to honor the 150th anniversary of the birth of the world-renowned Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist. The mayor also took this moment to declare October 2 Mahatma Ghandi day in the windy city to honor his legacy. 

Not many people realize that New Delhi is actually a sister city of Chicago and this event helped to highlight the strong bonds the two cities have forged over the years as well as the cultural importance surrounding the relationship between India and the United States. Thanks to the leadership of Shah, they established this luncheon in 2014 to commemorate the memory of this legendary figure and the impact he has made on the world through his use of nonviolent rhetoric and peace advocacy. In a recent statement, Shah mentioned that it was an honor to serve in her current role as well as for the rest of the city to be able to partake in this event. Learn more:

This idea first came to be after they realized that the city of chi-town is composed of many different communities from a diverse array of backgrounds and the necessity to recognize the diversity that runs through the veins of the city. So this program recognizes the contributions and impact of the Indian community of the chi and helps them to acknowledge that anyone can make a difference if they try hard enough. Later that day, Lightfoot issued an official proclamation declaring October 2nd as Mahatma Gandhi day from here on in and it is available to view on their website for anyone who has the desire to see the document for themselves. 

Smita Shah was born in Chicago and first enrolled in Northwestern University in the autumn of 1991 where she quickly proved to excel in her courses. This is what led to her graduating at the top of her class in the spring of 1994 and enrolling in grad school at MIT shortly thereafter. As a grad student, she was soon offered the opportunity to intern with the office of the white house chief of staff in Washington DC. She managed to successfully complete this internship while finishing up her thesis and graduated in 1996 with a master’s of science in civil and environmental engineering. After the conclusion of her academic career, she then became a structural engineer for a company called SOM. After just a year, however, she realized she was ready to open her own business and became the president and CEO of Spaan Tech.

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