Malls Closing In Venezuela

Venezuela relies on water for its energy. Since there has been a drought in the area, there hasn’t been as much energy as the country needs. One of the ways that leaders like Danilo Diaz Granados have tried to conserve energy is to require about 100 malls to close. Some larger stores have remained open, but the smaller stores have stopped serving customers in an effort to try to save as much energy as possible until another solution is reached. This will only likely hurt the economy, which could turn into riots and looting as people are out of work. Some malls have been asked to only operate a few hours a day or to run off of a generator. There have been numerous complaints according to Diaz Granados, but so far, there haven’t been any major problems. However, tensions are beginning to rise as workers need their jobs and don’t know what to expect from the shutdown.


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