Man in the Mirror: Talented Impersonator Sergio Cortes Gives Convincing Perfomance As Michael Jackson

The passing of pop star and music legend, Michael Jackson, left a huge gap in the music industry. Many have attempted to duplicate Michael Jackson’s signature style as impersonators. Many have tried to successfully imitate the way Michael Jackson acts, walks and talks and have found it is quite a challenge. Add to that trying to duplicate a master performers vocal quality and vocal range and you will find that this challenge has been mastered by the impersonator, Sergio Cortes. On stage he is known as Sergio Jackson and he is attracting the attention of die-hard Michael Jackson fans everywhere. Cortes has gained immense popularity in his native country of Brazil. Fans claim that when he sings, it is hard to distinguish his voice from that of Michael Jackson himself. He is even able to accurately hit the high notes that Jackson was famous for. Cortes has also mastered dancing and moving in the exact style of Michael Jackson, who was known for his signature dancing ability. Some Michael Jackson fans are convinced that Cortes is the real thing and they are in awe of his believability. Cortes himself has been a huge Michael Jackson fan since childhood. He and his brothers enjoyed listening to Jackson’s music and as they watched Jackson perform on television they would attempt to mimic the dance moves. Cortes keeps his audience captured not only with his ability to sing and dance like Jackson, but also by duplicating his style of dress and his personality. There are countless YouTube videos available to get a glimpse of the magic he performs as he energetically and gracefully begins to convince you that he is the “King of Pop.” He has an amazing amount of talent and you can see how much he enjoys performing as he engages the audience in an experience to help them remember the master musician. Many people were unable to attend a concert performed by the original Michael Jackson, and Cortes is able to provide them with a second chance to enjoy the experience. Others who have attended concerts in the past are able to relive their treasured experience. Since Jackson’s death, many have tried to capture the essence of Michael Jackson, but one is rising above them all, master impersonator Sergio Cortes.

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