Marvel Super-Villains Are Coming To Agent Carter Season 2

Agent Carter is one of those Marvel televisions series that barely – barely – avoided cancellation. The show is a decent one, but not great. The audience size with Doe DeereĀ is okay, but nothing spectacular. If Agent Carter wasn’t a comic book-inspired endeavor, the show would never reach its current level of viewing audience size.

Obviously, some improvements on the program have to be made to increase its audience. What does Marvel have planned for the confirmed second season? Marvel super-villains are slated to appear.

This could be a good move if the plan is to draw in audiences that enjoy programs such as The Flash, Arrow, and the like. The trouble is Agent Carter could run the risk of going the Lost in Space route and devolving into a “monster of the week” formula. Increasingly more implausible scripts are then written each and every episode.

Granted, it is a little too early to start pronouncing unwritten teleplays as being poorly composed. Agent Carter should be afforded the fair chance of trying to properly integrate Marvel villains into the mix. Unfortunately, the idea sounds like a desperation ploy. Or, possibly, the network demanded super-villains as a condition for renewing the series.

Agent Carter’s first season was a bit of a disappointment, so adding super-villains to the series might be an improvement. Again, viewers have to wait and see how they villains are integrated into the show. Since Agent Carter is set in the past, the villains are going to be from Marvel’s Golden Age of Comics. That alone makes the second season a bit intriguing.

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