Master P And Lil’ Wayne Collaborate On New Song

Although Master P is one of the greats in rap music, he also is a producer as well. Everyone knows that he has put out music by some of the hottest names in music, and he’s worked with some of the best, including Snoop Dogg. Master P & Lil’ Wayne Song. Master P has been in a hiatus for a long time, and you might see him here and there, especially if he was helping out his son Lil’ Romeo.

Master P is so good at what he does, that his son Lil’ Romeo owned his own home, right across the street from his father, with his own cars in the garage, before he was able to even legally drive. Anyone who wants to make good music, will get with a great producer, and Master P is great. Recently, Lil’ Wayne teamed up with Master P, and created a single entitled “Power.” Igor Cornelsen really likes the song, and is hoping for more.

It’s puzzling to see the two work together, because Cash Money Records, who Lil’ Wayne works for, and No Limit records, which is owned by Master P, has been feuding for years. Although the feud is more of a friendly competition in music, it still made for tensions nonetheless, especially where the artists were concerned.

Seeing that Lil’ Wayne is now performing a song with Master P, means that it’s possible that all the differences have been put aside. When there is money to be made, sometimes feuds just don’t matter.

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