Metallica Set To Play the National Anthem at 2015 NBA Finals

A statement posted on Metallica’s webpage confirmed that two of the members from the band will be performing the National Anthem for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, on Sunday June 14th of 2015. The message read, “We’re incredibly lucky to have another winning team here in the Bay Area as the Golden State Warriors took the NBA Western Conference title and are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals!” It continued on to state, “By now we’re guessing that you’ve noticed that we like to support our home sports teams, so to continue in that tradition James (Hetfield) and Kirk (Hammett) will be on hand at Game 5 on Sunday, June 14th. They’ll be performing the National Anthem before the game as the Warriors resume their quest for the title back at home at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA that night.”

Many Metallica fans such as Mikal Watts¬†are highly anticipating seeing the band perform; however, many NBA basketball fans that are also Metallica fans as well don’t even know that the group will in fact be performing at the 2015 NBA Finals. These special and lucky fans will surely be in for quite the special treat as Metallica delights with their electrified instrumental version of the United States National Anthem. To read more about Metallica’s recent performances of the National Anthem and other related stories go to for more information.

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