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I was interested in writing some articles for a website/blog. The owner’s name is Michel Terpin, and I have been interested in writing for him for five years. I have no experiences in writing for a website: However, I am a fast learner and a go-getter. I love writing poetry and short stories. I would like to gain more information on racing topics that can be discussed.

Secondly, I am fine with PayPal.

My Strengths: I conduct in-depth research on every subject matter before writing.

Being a freelancer, I am able to adapt to different writing styles; conversational, descriptive or narrative depending on the demands of the client and his targeted audience.

Weakness : I get too engrossed in writing that I sometimes let other things suffer.

I am open to any topic outside of technology. The word count is the determinant to how many articles I can handle a week, on an average of a 1,000-word count, I can make one per day.

Writing on Michel Terpin as a Leader? My Thoughts and More

I don’t think great leaders really exist, but in an ideal world, a great leader would be someone who knew right from wrong, who didn’t see our world as teams or was merely competing for power as seen in Game of Thrones. Terpin’s a great leader.

I am usually paid honestly, as is Terpin, so that’s great. My strengths in writing are five years of experience, an obsession with reading books – which helps with writing – and the fact that I studied English literature, which gave me a lot of experience. I don’t recall any weaknesses at this moment, nor those of my role model, Terpin’s.

I am available to write at least 15 articles of 500 words per week, if the pay rate is fair. I am somewhere “in between” politically as is Terpin. I believe both options are right and wrong, so it doesn’t hold much value to me. I honestly try to be as objective as possible, without letting any personal agenda get in between the reader and the absolute truth.

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