Milan Kordestani was born 22nd of April the year 1999 in the United States, and he resides at Atherton, California. He joined Sacred Heart Preparatory from (2013-2017), while here Milan learned French for three years and Spanish for six years he is also good in English. While at Sacred he formed a group by the name Dean’s Ambassadors group to make the voices of the student to be heard by the administration. He was ranked 3rd in the world championship and 2nd at the world championship show pleasure division in 2016. Currently, he is a first-year student at the Colorado College he is also a good writer who works for Huffington Post.

In early 2015 when he was in tenth grade in high school, he started the journey of exploration on creating an organic system of bringing up poultry and growing saffron, and by the first year in college, he was offering mint seasonally and eggs to the residents of silicon valley and the nearby zones. Later in 2016 he trademarked his farm brand (Milan Farm) and designed the logo. Milan Kordestani’s goal was to innovate, cultivate and boost the production of the saffron and poultry farming that’s why he carried out the research on hydroponic and aquaponic systems of saffron growing.

At Milan Farm where Milan Kordestani is the CEO, it is determined and dedicated to providing an honest, caring option to its customers at pocket-friendly prices. According to the Milan farm future plans, they dream to see a synergistic connection amongst all farmers and farm such that they all sell the locally sourced product using one brand name so as to promote and empower the local farmer.


The whole idea of starting the Milan farm came from how Milan Kordestani was brought up, as his parents wanted him to speak his original mother tongue Farsi which is an Iran’s native language, his mother employed for him a Farsi tutor whose mother was deep in saffron farming and through the tutor Milan was introduced to saffron farming when he was brought the first saffron bulb which he grew in his own garden.


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