MJ Impersonator Keeps Things Lively

Sergio Cortes has become the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone wants to see. He pulls out all the stops and presents a performance that is the filled with electrifying numbers. Everyone that has been able to see Sergio Cortes perform has become a fan of his. There are a lot of people that have tried and failed to present Michael Jackson and the light that Sergio Cortes has presented Jackson in. Old people that have seen a performance by Sergio through Internet videos is going to be interested in trying to find tickets for this tour. He has to outfits and the dance moves that make you applaud his ability to create an entire world that is a true reflection of Michael Jackson.

It makes sense perfect sense to take interest in someone who performs at such a high magnitude. He has for great ability to entertain and put fans in a state of comfort as they watch one of the best MJ imitators in the business. There are many impersonators that may do a great impression of a particular Michael Jackson song. They may have a strong desire to entertain fans with certain dance moves that Jackson was known for. What these impersonators have in common is there a limited ability to only present a portion of what Jackson did when he was alive. What Sergio Cortes has been able to do is provide an expanded look at the career of Jackson over the years. He has the ability to make it look easy as he takes on some of the past dance numbers and that Jackson performed when he was alive.

He is all about the energy and attitude of impersonators. Sergio has been able to sort out the songs that people remember most about Jackson. He is taking the songs and creating a show that sort of tells the story of the life Jackson through music. Fans that have been able to see Sergio Cortes on the stage are glad someone finally stepped up and decided to carry the MJ torch. They really do believe in him and what he is able to do. Sergio also has the ability and a strong desire to make each MJ impersonator show better than the last. This is the thing that is serves as the driving force and allows him to present himself to new crowds over and over again.

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