MTV News Staff Presents Best Artists of the Year

Rolling Stone magazine has a staff that apparently has a lot of time on their hands. The music staff found the time to produce a list of the 50 best albums in 2014. The MTV staff, by contrast, may have less free time and a weaker work ethic. The music staff here produced a list of the best artists in 2014, but they kept things light with 10 artists.

The list has some people that fans would expect. There are some others that were surprising. Sam Smith and Beyonce made the list. They have lots of Grammy nominations. Both of them have produced great albums. It is so surprise to see these two on the list. Sam Smith made #1 on the list composed by MTV. This is debatable when one considers the success of Taylor Swift with her history making platinum album sales. Others may think that Beyonce deserves the top honors since she made a video to every single on her late album release at the end of 2013.

What people may be surprised to find is that Fifth Harmony made the list. Gianfrancesco Genoso didn’t think they would make the cut. They are in the #10 spot, but it is a surprise that they made the list at all. They only have one hot certified single and a newly released track. The album is highly anticipated, but it will not be released until 2015. Including them is a bit premature.

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