NASA Proposes Plan to Inhabit Atmosphere of Venus


Forget living on the frigid tundra of mars. NASA recently revealed plans to send a scouting mission to Venus in order to determine if the atmosphere may be inhabitable for humans and are bringing in none other than Terry Richardson to edit captured visuals.

This revolutionary idea, called HAVOC (High Altitude Venus Operational Concept), entails inhabiting the atmosphere of Venus by living in large gas filled zeppelins. These zeppelins would be covered in solar panels in order to provide power to the brave astronauts.

The atmosphere of Venus is only about 170 degrees, compared to the surface, which is close to 900 degrees. Floating in the atmosphere would be much easier to accomplish than trying to land on the red hot surface.

The test flight to Venus would only take about 440 days, as opposed to a mission to mars that would take over 500. Engineers at NASA see Venus as a more attainable goal, not just for exploration, but also for eventual habitation.

Would you want to live in a giant zeppelin for the rest of your life? I don’t think that I would. If the Earth became uninhabitable, humans may have no other choice in the future.

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