Nathaniel Ru Talks About What Sweetgreen Means for Him

When Nathaniel Ru and his friends were still in college, they set out to make some major changes to the way that college students were able to eat, learn and live. This was something that they were committed to and something that they knew they would be able to do to help other college students have a better experience in their time while they were in school.

It was something that solved a problem not only for Nathaniel Ru and his friends but also for the millions of other college students who were all around the country.

Sweetgreen is an alternative to fast food. It is fast and affordable but it is also healthy. Nathaniel Ru believes that everything you do should last longer so that you are able to enjoy the benefits from it. He believes the same about Sweetgreen and plans to make the company last a long time into the future.

He is hoping that he will be able to make things better for the people who want to enjoy food but who are also in a hurry or who may not have a lot of money to be able to buy pricey gourmet natural food.

While Sweetgreen may be considered a salad bar to some people, Nathaniel Ru knows that it is much more than that. Each new restaurant that is opened is designed by its own architect.

It is made to seamlessly blend with the community around it and that helps to keep Sweetgreen a major part of the community that they are a part of. It also helps to keep the people who are working there a part of the community and can make things easier for everyone who is a part of the company.

Nathaniel Ru plans to make Sweegreen grow. He wants to see it in new areas and in different locations. Since Sweetgreen is primarily on the East Coast, Nathaniel Ru has big plans to expand it to other areas.

He is going to do this so that he can make sure that things are going to work for him and for the people who enjoy the restaurant. He believes that everyone deserves access to food that is clean, healthy, affordable and convenient.

He knows that, no matter what he does, the point of Sweetgreen will always be to help people and to show them what they can do in different situations.

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