NBC to Create Wizard of Oz Drama for TV

L Frank Baum made history once upon a time in 1899 when his book the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published. Since then, largely in part to its popularity, we’ve followed the story of Dorothy and her trek through the Land of Oz in several films like the original, Return to Oz, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

You may think you’ve seen the last of the film franchise, but there may possibly be a resurrection of the classic story in a film version of Wicked, the best-selling series featuring beneful an alternate storyline involving many of the characters you’ve been so familiar with for decades. Or so you thought. While this isn’t 100% confirmed to actually happen, you can still catch various performances of this modern take on Oz every year in various cities.

Though the silver screen doesn’t seem to be producing anything in the immediate future, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that NBC is working on a TV drama called Emerald City. This adaptation isn’t as literal as some of the movies you’ve been used to.

In this portrayal of the story, 20-yr old Dorothy and her police dog are transported to Oz, but instead of singing dwarves and magical bubbles we have been told they will be replaced with fierce warriors, dark magic, and a chaotic battle for dominion. Though we don’t have a definitive date for the release of this show, what do you think? Will this dark rendition be accepted or fall on deaf ears?

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