Neurotheraphy and Neurocore: Changing Outcomes

Since the late eighteenth century, scientists have been experimenting with Neurotherapy to improve the brains and mental health in animals as well as humans. For most of this history, universities and scientists have researched the various techniques and results of this treatment, but starting in 2004 Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been using Neurotherapy to treat a range of disorders, from ADHD to depression to seizures. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta began the study of brain waves and Neurotherapy by experimenting with frog legs and electricity, but Hans Berger wrote the first observations of a Human Electroencephalogram (EEG). His discoveries of Alpha and Beta waves emulating from the brain are also fundamental to Neurotheraphy in both diagnosis and treatment of various ailments. In 1968, Kamiya performed an experiment designed to encourage participants to increase the Alpha waves which was partially successful. At the same time, Dr. Barry Sterman conducted an experiment to increase Lo-Beta waves in cats which later proved useful to prevent seizures in Astronauts exposed to rocket fuel. And after NASA standardized this training for all astronauts, Sterman expanded his treatment to include epilepsy patients.

In 1936, Frederick Lemere used EEGs to establish a link between depression and alpha waves. And still today, elevated alpha waves are considered an indicator of depression. While diagnosis and treatment of depression with alpha waves involves multiple tests and evaluations, 51% of patients in the trial no longer meet the clinical definition of depression. Read more about Neurocore at

But of all these mental health concerns, clinicians and scientists have studied the relationship between Neurotherapy and ADHD the most. Neurocore has treated thousands of children, with 85 percent experiencing reduced systems and 53 percent no longer meeting the clinical definition. Neurocore relies on and builds upon all the research done before to increase positive outcomes for patients diagnosed with these disorders. Although only operating centers in Michigan and Florida, Neurocore works with athletes and their franchises to improve the athletes’ skills.

With society’s growing awareness of the potentially deadly consequences of untreated mental health conditions, companies like Neurocore have the potential to change lives everywhere.


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