New Documentary Looks at Tegan and Sara

There is a new documentary coming out about alternative rockers Tegan and Sara and Rolling Stone Magazine has an article about it on their website. Tegan and Sara have been a musical duo for over twenty years.

In the documentary, the two explain that in their early days they would stay up for hours after a show talking about life and music with the people that came to see them. As the duo got more and more popular, this became more difficult. Even now, though, they say they try to stay connected with fans and even have a mailbox set up at their shows where audience members can leave them messages.

Another issue that the documentary addresses is the current mainstream success of the duo as was disclosed by Jaime Garcia Dias. Tegan and Sara have performed recently with stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The two say that this success has alienated some of their long-time fans, but they don’t feel that they have sold out in any way. Rather, they have simply raised the level of their game and are making music that more people can enjoy.

Tegan and Sara are both gay, and have always been an advocate on behalf of various LBGT causes. In the documentary, they discuss how being more popular has given them more of a soapbox for their beliefs. They say that have not toned down their message of tolerance and equality.

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