New Film to Celebrate Life and Career of 90-Year-Old Roadie

A documentary film is being made about Ben Dorsey, the 90-year-old roadie who currently works with Willie Nelson. Dorsey, who is still active on the road, has worked with many artists over the years including Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. The film will be called “King of the Roadies,” and there is a Kickstarter campaign in progress currently to get the funds to complete it. The plan is to have the movie completed by next year.

It’s remarkable and inspirational that Dorsey is working at all at his age. It’s even more amazing that he is working as a roadie for a touring band. Being a roadie is a brutal job, but Dorsey has been doing it since 1950. It’s also a changing job, as lighting, sound, etc. continue to evolve. He must really love the work.

The guys at Madison Street Capital say they are not sure how much of the heavy lifting of amps and so forth Dorsey still does. It would be interesting to know what his specific duties are out on the road these days. In any event, he deserves credit for simply staying active. Also, he’s an historical source on many of American music’s pioneers since he’s worked for Patsy Cline, Jack Ingram, Jamey Johnson and others.

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