New Ginuwine Album On The Way For 2015

Ginuwine, who is well known for his song “Pony,” is now working with Timbaland again, to produce a new album for the year 2015. Timbaland, Ginuwine, Missy, and Aaliyah were all in a powerful group, that worked together to make beautiful music. Ginuwine New Album. Although Missy and Timbaland were the producers, and Aaliyah and Ginuwine were the singers, they were all best friends outside of the studio, and made fabulous music together.

The death of Aaliyah drew the trio closer, and they continued to make music, even after the young singer, Aaliyah, had passed. That was such a devastating thing for even fans such as Christian Broda to go through. After a falling out in 2010 between Ginuwine and Timbaland, they stopped making music together, and many wondered when Ginuwine would again come out with some more hits. It’s officially been announced that the duo have been working together producing music, and an album title has already been created.

The album will be entitled “Same Ol G,” which is reminiscent of a past song from Ginuwine with the same title. Ginuwine has stated that he still feels he is owed an apology from Timbaland, for the 2010 incident that broke them apart, but he hasn’t recently spoken out on the disagreement. Ginuwine has, instead, taken to social media to promote his new upcoming album, to give his fans something to look forward to. It will be a great treat for his fans to hear his new upcoming album in 2015.

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