New Lorde Music Is In The Works

Lorde has been one of the biggest names in the pop music game since her debut single, “Royals” a few years back, and we’ve been waiting patiently for a new album ever since. (2013 is a long time, y’know.) Since then, she’s lent her voices to movie soundtracks and things of that nature, but hasn’t sat down and written a whole second album just for herself – but it’s confirmed that she will be back in the studio soon! Due to the success of Pure Heroine, the thought of having to make a second album just as good if not better can be extremely daunting for an artist, but she’s ready to take on the challenge.

Lorde’s producer Joel Little had this to say about the big news that’s spreading like wildfire across the internet according to Garcia, “We’re gonna get in the studio again very soon. That’s the plan, basically. We’re just going to start writing some songs. We haven’t got some planned out ‘this is what it’s going to sound like’… I think we’re just going to start writing and when it starts to feel right, we’ll know that it’s right. It’s pretty simple really.”

Joel said that the studio sessions are coming “really soon”, which means within the next month.

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