New Rising Artists


In 2014 the music industry has had new artists emerging from all over the world. These artists have a great talent for finding the lyrics and tone of the song that creates a wonderful masterpiece. Many of the artists are found along some of the internet based websites that allows the artist to promote themselves.
Now that 2014 is coming to an end many new artist are being recognized for there music around the world. From Alex G. to Young Thug. Many of these new tracks can be heard here¬†Your text to link…. Be sure to take a moment to check them out.
With many new artists coming in 2015, Igor Cornelsen is sure when he says  that the music industry is booming with talent left and right. The internet allows for most artists to have their talent available to the world by sites like SoundCloud. This gives most new rising stars the ability to grab fans with their music and give them a ride that they will remember.
Each music artist is different and many of the music offered is of a wide variety. Before the year ends be sure to check out all the rising stars that 2014 has to offer. No one knows who the next big star will be.

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