Newswatch: Best At What They Do

Marketing for a company or product is one of the hardest things to do. It usually takes a lot of time and money to find the proper way to present a product to the public. On top of that you also have the proper channel as well. The radio, television, and online ads are all things a company has to consider when they decide to push something. What if there was a way for companies to ensure that their particular item got the proper spotlight and a place in at least two formats of the three? Well that is what Newswatch tv provides.

The television show Newswatch has been helping companies get the right exposure for their products since 1990. This show went from teaching the masses about finances to showing them the newest products that are on the market. The show has over 1,000 episodes under its belt and is the recipient of many awards. This is due to the non-biased and live reviews that it provides for consumers. The format of the show revolves around its three hosts covering news and the products that are scheduled for review. The show has grown a lot over the years and now they are online with their tech reviews. Companies know that if they can book a gig with Newswatch they can successfully launch a product.

Many companies have worked with Newswatch including large famous ones like Sony and Panasonic. SteelSeries is a company that recently worked with Newswatch. SteelSeries is an electronics business. Hey wanted support for their new video game-oriented products and Newswatch agreed to review it. Two reviews were created and aired for SteelSeries. They shot the videos in a way that they could be used in multiple venues by SteelSeries. Safe to say the reviews created did their job.

The segments were viewed in 96 million homes in the U.S. They were played in every market and the Senior director of marketing at SteelSeries cited that working with Newswatch was an “excellent experience”. This but one example of how great Newswatch is at marketing. They are hard to beat at what they do.


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