Nicki Minaj Lets Us Into Her Personal Life With Song

It’s very obvious that Nicki Minaj not has been doing a lot lately with her music, putting out videos, as well as gearing up for her new album release. Bruce Levenson noticed that she did a Q & A on Twitter the other day, and she noted that the song called “All Things Go,” was a very emotional and personal song for her. Nicki Minaj Emotions. The artist puts out some of her most personal information on the song, talking about the child that she had lost, but not being specific as to how she lost the baby.

She even states that the child would’ve been 16 at any time, meaning that she lost the baby at least 15 years ago. Being the personal, and the private person that Nicki is, it’s safe to assume that probably only her family members know the true origin of this story. In her lyrics, she also mentions her younger brother, as well as her guilt for the death of her cousin. Her cousin was murdered in Brooklyn, New York, senselessly, and she felt as if she could have saved him.

Supposedly, the cousin was supposed to be staying with her, and for whatever reason this did not happen, and he ended up losing his life. Nicki feels some resentment, as well as regret, feeling that she is partially to blame. It’s rare to see such an emotional outlook from Nicki in her songs. Look for more on her upcoming album.

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