Nicki Minaj Releases New Video Addressing Breakup With Longtime Boyfriend

After a summer of heartache Nicki Minaj is finally breaking her silence about the impact her breakup with long time boyfriend Safaree is having on her emotional well being. Nicki’s newest video goes into detail about why she and her soulmate had to split and what a toll it is and will always take on her.


Apparently earlier this Nicki was tipped off, being told that her boyfriend of 12 years was cheating on her with other women. Nicki was so upset that she smashed the windows of “her” Mercedes Benz and tossed all of his cloths in the crash, police were called and Safaree was led off of the property and they have not been together since.


Both Nicki and Safaree have spoken publicly about how much pain they’re in and Safaree has even spoken to friends about his depression and suicidal thoughts


Most recently Nicki has released the music video to her song “The Crying Game” and it shows just how deep her emotions run for Safaree. The video features the rapper driving alone at night rapping about her desire to simply love and be loved, something Lee G. Lovett says, is simply human. Nicki breaks down crying and abruptly crashes her car before she can compose herself. The video is very emotion driven and shows a much softer vulnerable side to Nicki.

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