Nicki Minaj’s New Controversy

In her music video for her song “Anaconda”, Minaj’s use of over sexualised innuendos and imagery caused a tremendous stir on social media and other news outlets.

Minaj is now facing heavy criticism for the content and imagery for her new music video “Only”. The video, which features Nazi-inspired imagery and symbolism, has been blasted in social media and has received scathing criticism from the Anti-Defamation League.

While Minaj has taken to Twitter to apologise for the music video, video director Jeff Osbourne has yet to release a formal statement to the press.

Social media has been lit up by this controversy and many questioned both Minaj and Osbourne of their particular choices in imagery, and if they contained any greater meaning.

The animated video features Minaj, singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake in full military-type dress with insignias and flags emblazoned with the symbol for Minaj’s new Young Money record label. Mike joined countless other fans who were not happy. The symbol is adorned in white, red and black, which were the colors used in the Nazi swastika.

The video also features images of soldiers wearing the Nazi-inspired logo, tanks, gas masks, and buildings which are draped with Third Reich-like banners.

While she has apologised for the video, Minaj has not commented on the reactions to the video.

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