Nicki Takes Fans Inside the Pink Print Tour

Anyone that cannot seem to get enough of Nicki Minaj may be happy to know that she is coming to a town near you. The “Pink Print” diva is allowing fans to get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the new tour.

It is safe to say that the “Pink Print” has taken Nicki to a whole new level. She has built a name for herself as a sex symbol, and fans can expect to see her in some sexy attire for the tour. She posted a rather bland picture of herself along with dancers from this upcoming tour. It was nothing raunchy. MZWeb said it was just a general photo, but fans latch into anything that is associated with Nicki, according to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.

Right now fans can expect to hear quite a bit of songs from the album. She has released more than 5, and she has 2 other albums to pull from. The concert will be a big deal because the album has been well promoted and well received. People thought that last year was the year of Nicki Minaj, but 2015 is apparently The Year of Nicki Minaj, Part 2.

Everyone seems to want her on shows. She takes over radio with a plethora of singles. She has the world in her hand, and her tour is going to help her receive even more attention. She is riding the waves of success with no worries.

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