No Comment From Chris Brown On Karrueche Interview?

Karrueche Tran, who is the ex girlfriend of Chris Brown, did a recent interview with Iyanla, and in the interview, she spoke about how Chris betrayed her, cheated on her, and how she found out about his baby, through social media. Tran. The interview spanned an hour, and it could only be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network. After the video aired, Karrueche was interviewed, and asked about what Chris Brown thought about the interview, but she states that she doesn’t know, because she hasn’t spoken to him.

Facebook says that it seems as if people were wrong this time, and Karrueche has no plans on going back to Chris. Many feel that because Karrueche has no name of her own, if she is not attached to Chris Brown, that she will return to him, just so she can be relevant. It’s possible that the hurt that Karrueche feels, is enough to finally make her turn her back on Chris for good, as anyone can finally get fed up, and say they’ve had enough.

Karrueche has been spotted out on the road, from time to time, having fun with her friends, shopping, and just moving on with her life. Although, only time will tell, if Karrueche will move on, or go back to Chris Brown, it seems as if she has finally freed herself of all the drama that he was bringing her, and she has moved on for the better.

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