No More Justin Bieber Music In Walmart Stores

Have you ever walked into a Walmart and you were there so long that you heard a song repeat itself? Many do not realize that Walmart has certain songs by different artists that are looped over and over throughout the day. Justin Bieber’s Music. No doubt, Walmart employees are sick and tired of hearing these songs over and over, and in fact, they are sick and tired of the artists too. One such artist is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s songs play on Walmart radio, and the employees are annoyed with it.

Although Walmart has been playing Justin’s music in about 4,000 of their stores, they are now going to switch things up, which Jim Dondero doesn’t mind. Instead of playing music by Justin Bieber and Celine Dion, they plan on allowing a radio station to play through the loudspeakers according to Insider Monkey. The radio station will have real-life DJs playing music, and it’s supposed to be family-friendly. It’s not a problem to hear music while shopping, but it’s the type of music that’s playing that matters.

There is no confirmation if Walmart has a contract with Justin Bieber or Celine Dion to play their music on the radio, but more than likely that’s the case. Very few stars will have their music out there, especially with a company like Walmart, and they don’t get paid for it. In the meantime, Justin will have his millions of dollars, his millions of fans, and his great life to keep him busy.

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