Norka Luque: The Power of Being Different

When Norka Luque was growing up, her family encouraged her to follow her dreams. She wanted a career in music, and they were extremely supportive. At an early age, she took voice and piano lessons. These lessons were of great inspiration for Luque. Her family always believed that she had a star’s destiny. Luque started making demo tapes and sending them out to producers in her native Venezuela. She was a great success in her homeland. Later, she decided to come to America to see how her talents would serve her.

Emilio Estefan, Jr. saw Luque in a musical production and was amazed with her natural ability. He felt that she had a special singing talent that could be used in his upcoming musical. Estefan signed Luque to sing backup with Shakira. Luque had the talent for which he had been searching, so Estefan became her mentor. He wanted to take her talent to a higher level of excellence. Estefan did not want Luque be just a one-hit wonder. Since working with Estefan and Shakira, Norka Luque has won several awards and has done a lot of work in the music industry. These two stars had a positive effect on Luque. She takes what she learns and adds it to her powerful music.

Even though her first album was released in her homeland of Venezuela, her life and career were changed when she moved to Miami. Many of her Venezuelan hits have been expertly remixed into different tunes. Fans love that all of Luque’s music has a positive tone. While other singers highlight their pain and woe, Luque tends to dance on the silver lining in the clouds. This style truly works for her. Many of her songs have made it on the Venezuelan music billboards. With Estefan as a mentor, Luque is destined to go far in her career.

Norka Luque is a young star who is still learning the art of music. However, fans love her voice and feel like dancing when they hear her sing. When it comes to the world of music, being different is a good thing.

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