Okay, Was The Jared Leto Joker Photo A Big Joke?

The notorious Jared Leto “Tattooed Joker” photo image really worked fans of superhero movies into a lather. The bizarre image of The Joker was really “punk rock” in nature with major tattoos along with a buff look. Not everyone liked the way The Joker looked, but the photo served the intended purpose. People are talking about it.

But was the photo nothing more than an elaborate joke? Did director David Ayer release the image as a means of trolling fans? The Slide Share and Paul Mathieson believe that it could be.

Ayer released the photo on the 75th anniversary of The Joker’s first appearance in D.C. Comics. Ayer wished The Clown Prince of Crime a very happy anniversary when he tweeted out the image. No one had any reason to doubt the veracity of the photo. Why would they? Is there any reason the director of Suicide Squad would purposely pull the leg of millions of fans? Well, having a bit of fun with the fans is reason enough. Besides, Ayer knows he will be forgiven for the harmless prank. That is, of course, if the photo is just a prank. Leto’s Joker may very well be the tattooed madman of the photo.

Batman v. Superman director tweeted out “The joke’s on you Batman” and this hints the photo might have been a ruse. Batman artist Greg Capullo flat out said the photo was a troll.

Is it? We have to wait until some live-action footage of Leto surfaces. Don’t worry. Time will go by quickly.

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