Omar Boraie Contribution In Development Of Cancer Treatment


In the recent past, precision medicine and genomic science have revolutionized how medical professionals carry out the cancer diagnosis process. Today, it is possible for physicians to scrutinize tumors on a genetic level. The move has revolutionized cancer treatment. It has become much better that it was in the past and individuals who have cancer can get specialized therapies according to how cancer has affected their body tissues. It has made the treatment to be more efficient and reliable.

Although various cancer centers countrywide have adopted the technology of gene structuring on tumors research, the Rutgers Cancer Institute was the first in the country to use genomic sequencing as precision medicine for cancer treatment and patient care. The process of genomic sequencing has been playing a critical role in coming up with an efficient manner to handle cancer cases and come up with specialized therapies for different individuals.

According to an article published on NJ Biz, a facility named after Omar Boraie has been set aside at Rutgers Cancer Institute to provide a better environment for precision medicine research carried out in the Institute. The facility was named after Oncologist and Brunswick developer Omar Boraie who contributed $1.5 million in support of the Project. The Chair is expected to come up with solutions for cancer treatment through precision medicine. The project is supposed to cost $3 million where the contributor of the other half has preferred to remain anonymous.

According to a report by, the Chair of Omar Boraie Genomic Science Dr. Ganesan, Cancer is not a single disease and treating it by considering just the organ it has affected is a wrong way to go about the treatment process. Using Genomic analyses, the treatment becomes more efficient since it is fast and show all the feature of the disease. The process also helps to tailor therapies for each patient who visit the cancer treatment center.


Omar Boraie is has played a key role in cancer research and treatment. He has been a keen player coming up with ways of treating cancer; he has funded research projects and worked with cancer researchers to develop precision medicine approach for cancer treatment.



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