Organo Gold and Healthful Drinks

Organo Gold is a business in Washington state’s Ferndale that genuinely grasps the concept of thinking big. That’s because thinking big is something that Bernardo T. Chua has done from the start. Read more at about Organo Gold.

As Organo Gold’s effective Founder, he’s been a role model to all of his team members for many years at this point. Organo Gold began functioning in earnest in 2008. The marketing mission behind Organo Gold is a simple one as well. Follow Organo Gold on

It’s to teach the members of the general public all about organic Ganoderma mushrooms. Mushrooms that fall under the Ganoderma lucidum umbrella captivate people in China. They’re now starting to captivate people in other geographic settings, too. Organo Gold has all kinds of Ganoderma lucidum teas and coffees under its belt. People who want delicious and healthful red tea that has elements of the mushroom tend to shop for options that are accessible through Organo Gold.


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